NECOEM Supporter Policy

NECOEM supporters have no say in editorial policy or in any manner of written material presented on the website. Supporters provide unrestricted educational grants and thus do not influence content of website information or any educational programs. All website content must be approved by the NECOEM Board of Directors and is solely dedicated to the educational mission of NECOEM.

  • Website content decisions are made free from the control of commercial interests. Commercial interests shall not make support contingent on the acceptance of advice about topics, podcasts, or educational matters, such as content or curricula development.
  • A supporter may never disburse payments directly to the Board of Directors or webmaster. The supporter is responsible for disbursing funds directly to the NECOEM Treasurer or Executive Director.
  • Support will be disclosed to any interested party by contacting the NECOEM Executive Director.
  • Participant information shall not be used for sales, marketing or tracking of prescription patterns without the specific knowledge of the NECOEM Board of Directors.