Nominees for the Harriet Hardy Award must meet the following criteria

  • The individual has demonstrated an effort to understand disease or injury caused by working conditions and attempted to improve those conditions to prevent or minimize the impact of the health and lives of workers.

  • The individual may be active in clinical practice, research, teaching, leadership, policymaking, advocacy or politics.

  • The individual need not be a physician.

  • Most recipients have had a national reputation for achievement/excellence.

  • Past preference has been to bestow the award on an individual who has a New England connection; e.g. born, educated, and/or worked in New England.

  • NECOEM gives priority to nominees who are at the peak or beyond the peak of their careers (rather than to “rising stars”), or to individuals who have just stepped down from a significant position in an organization (e.g., president of ACOEM, director of NIOSH, etc.)

The Harriet Hardy award is not an appreciation award.  NECOEM can recognize these individuals in other ways, e.g. bestowing an award on an outgoing president at the end of his/her term, a special “President’s Award,” or other means.