2018 Annual Conference Presentations




11/22 08:00 Nuclear and Radiation Safety: An update on the “Duck & Cover” Policy Timmons, Robert – DO
11/22 08:45 Introduction to Chemical and Biological Terrorism
     Tomassoni Biological Guidelines
     Tomassoni Chemical Guidelines
Tomassoni, Anthony  – MD
11/22 09:30 Hip Injuries, Labral Tears, Femoroacetabular Impingement and Hip Arthroscopy Wuerz, Thomas – MD
11/22 13:00 Acute Poisoning Emergencies and Responses Goldman, Rose – MD
11/22 13:45 Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Impairment Ross, Glenn – MD
11/22 15:00 The Opioid Crisis: Lessons from the Trenches Sevarino, Kevin – MD
11/22 16:00 Drugs of Impairment: A look at Opioids (and a brief look at Medical Marijuana) in Workers’ Compensation (No Slides due to Q&A format) Sighinolfi, Paul  – JD & Saito, Kenji – MD
11/23 07:30 Spine Surgery for Occupational Injuries: Should We Do More or Less? Doorly, Terence – MD
11/23 08:15 Physiatry: Return to Work for Spine Disorders Bernard, Kevin – MD
11/23 10:30 Telemedicine: What is the Future Pollack, Charles – MD & Figueroa, Lisa – MD
11/23 11:15 Telemedicine: How it’s Delivered Today
     Telehealth in an Occupational Health Setting, Eileen Holihan
     Adoption for Work-related Injuries, Curtis Smith
Holihan, Eileen – NP &  Smith, Curtis
11/23 10:30 Real Life Scenarios: How to Address Non-Medical Issues with Supervisors, EAP. A Tool Kit Ferreira, Donna – ANP
11/23 11:15 Mental Health Disabilities in the Workplace: Worker and Employer Rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Provider’s Role Dyleski-Najjar, Debra
11/23 12:30 Novel Delivery Systems in Occupational Medicine: a Response to the Global Healthcare Worker Shortage Buchta, William – MD
11/23 1330 Protecting Confidentiality of Health Information in the Occupational Medicine World: Whose Data is It, Who Has Access, and What is not HIPAA-Protected? Dyleski-Najjar, Debra 
11/23 14:00 Back Pain and MRI: The Whens, Whys and Whats Schwartz, Eric – MD
11/23 14:30 DOT/NRCME Update Blum, Ron – MD & Poliner, Jay – MD
11/23 13:00 Using Push-ups as a Predictor for Future Cardiovascular Events and Functional Capacity Yang, Justin – MD
11/23 14:00 Training the Primary Care Pipeline in Occupational and Environmental Medicine Pensa, Melissa – MD & Lindt, Brian – MD
11/23 14:30 Pilot Performance Under Varying Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in a Flight Simulator Cadet, Leslie – MD
11/23 09:15 Public Health, Occupational Health and Infectious Diseases, WBP Memorial Lecture on Excellence, Alfred DeMaria, MD
11/22 11:00 “Technology and Occupational Health” Harriet Hardy Award: John Howard, MD, MPH, JD, LLM, MBA, Director, NIOSH
Saito, Kenji – MD moderator


Content of the presentations is only intended for professional education purposes and does not necessarily reflect NECOEM or ACOEM policy or recommended practices for members. Information should not be used for medical care without the supervision of a licensed physician.