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Marijuana: Medical Perspectives on Risks and Fitness

Marijuana Perspectives on Risks and Fitness References: Cannabis Whitepaper, CannabisFinalDraft, Judicial Marijuana, Marijuana-References, Proof of American Journal of Emergency Medicine Article, Workplace Cannabinoids

Leikin, Jerrold 
Marijuana Legal Issues Dyleski-Najjar, Debra 
What Can Sentinel Events Tell Us? Storey, Eileen 
Workplace Hand Injuries & Disorders: Evaluation and Treatments Kimball, Hervey 
Ultrasound as a Diagnostic Tool for Musculoskeletal Disorders Sayeed, Yusef 
Acupuncture’s Role in Managing Work Injury Pain Audette, Joseph 
Evaluation and Treatment of Ankle Injuries Theodore, George 
There’s no “Eye” in Team: An Occupational Vision Assessment Based on Job Description from OEM Partners in HR and Safety Saito, Kenji 
Emerging Technologies in Musculoskeletal Injuries McKeon, Brian 
New Interventions for Traumatic Brain Injury Raukar, Neha 
Occupational Health in the Research Environment (Providing a safe work environment for the Big Bang Boys) Lang, Yolanda 
Targeting Delivery: Viral Vectors and Antibody Conjugates – Print Version Barbeau, Deborah 
Workers at Sea, Innovations and Seafarer Medicine Lefkowitz, Rafael
Climate Change and Public Health WBP Memorial Lecture on Excellence Levy, Barry S. 
How Workers Become Patients Lewiton, Marvin 
Tips and Tools for the Occupational Health Nurse Ferreira, Donna 
Evaluation of a Suspected Impaired Employee Bennett-Rizzo, Carin 
Updates on Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Gulati, Mridu 
Updates on Cardiac Enlargement in US Firefighters Korre, Maria 
Volunteer Firefighters and Mediterranean Diet Rainey, David 
Blum, Ron and Polimer, Jay
Sleep and Transportation Accidents Kales, Stefanos